Laravel 9 and Vue.js

Vue.js with Laravel 9 setup guide in 2022

Since Laravel gives us a free choice of any Javascript Framework from scratch, we have to install VUE.JS by ourselves nowadays. Vue.js is in the Laravel community still on of the most popular Framework. It’s easy to learn and you can make SPA’s with some lines of code. In this tutorial I want to show […]

Laravel & mPDF

mPDF with Laravel quick Tutorial

MPDF is such a cool library for creating PDF documents by using HTML. Headers, content and footers are made by just some lines of codes and you have the full control by every element with HTML and CSS. For a while I start using this library and I fell in love with mPDF. Here is […]

Livewire Vue

Setup Laravel Livewire with VUE.JS

Laravel Livewire gives you an easy way to create a SPA in just a few seconds. For most ajax features is Livewire the right choice, but what if you go in depth? Sometimes you may need some special features like charts or any other JS stuff. Then it can be useful to go back to […]

Laravel Jetstream

How to use Laravel 8 with VUE.JS, Inertia and Jetstream

If you are familiar with Laravel version 5,6 and 7, you might wonder that in version 8 there are some major changes. If you start a project from scratch in version 8, it can be a bit frustrating when you see all the new stuff, especially when you set up the new Auth system. In […]

Tempus Dominus with Laravel 6

Tempus Dominus is a nice jQuery plugin for a date-time input. It’s easy to use and fast to install.

How to use FPDF in your Laravel App

Creating a PDF on the fly is a big advantage of the FPDF library. You can use it for generating invoices, printable documentations or much more. It’s easy to use and for free. Here I will show you how to use FPDF in your Laravel application with a small example. First install the FPDF package […]

5 steps to start learning web coding 2020

If you want to become a web coder in year 2020, you should read this article. Here you will find five steps from where to start as a beginner.

The Coding Jack

The Coding Jack

“The Coding Jack” goes online today. This is my first post for my new Blog. Here I will post some tutorials about Laravel, VUE, CSS and UX design. Ok, this is still the standard template twenty twenty from wordpress, but I don’t care :-). First things first. Later I will create a customized template. Feedback […]